Increases access to diverse, low-cost renewables and improve grid resiliency

The Silverado Renewables Connection provides a regional solution to help address climate change. The three-phase plan includes transmission upgrades and critical infrastructure development that would enable renewable energy development in southwest Nevada and provide access to diverse, low-cost clean energy for California customers.

Silverado Renewables Connection creates numerous environmental and economic benefits. This regional approach to combating climate change:

  • Provides diverse, low-cost electricity to California Independent System Operator customers.
  • Generates 5,850 MWs of clean energy, offsetting approximately 14.5 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually to help California achieve its greenhouse gas goals. This is equal to the carbon sequestered by nearly 19 million acres of U.S. forests in one year or removing approximately 3.1 million passenger cars off the road for one year.1
  • Creates approximately $2.5 billion in economic benefits for the region, including thousands of jobs (direct and indirect) in Nevada and California.
  • Relies on upgrades to existing transmission lines for phases 1 and 2 to create a renewable energy highway with reduced environmental impacts compared to construction of new lines on new rights of ways.
  • Facilitates renewable energy development which will  replace fossil fuel energy resources by making renewable energy projects interconnecting to Silverado Renewables Connection cost effective.
  • Improves California’s resource adequacy by providing access to diverse renewable resources –  geothermal, solar and wind energy resources.
  • Increases grid resiliency by ensuring multiple paths to deliver base-load geothermal energy and other renewable energy resources from Nevada to  California.

1. Environmental equivalencies are from the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator and are based on 5,850 MWs of renewable energy generated at 40 percent capacity.

Silverado Renewables Connection Economic Benefits
Silverado Renewables Connection Total Project Benefits
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