Who We Work With

At GridLiance, we take a “partnership approach” when acquiring, building, and operating transmission assets. We build long-term, collaborative relationships with electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, and others with a goal of leveraging the combined expertise and commitment of the organizations to build a better transmission grid.

These efforts have allowed our partners to unlock the value of their existing transmission assets — preserving and redirecting capital, protecting local jobs in local communities, and driving economic growth — while improving transmission service.

GridLiance primarily works with:

  • electric cooperatives
  • public power or municipal utilities
  • joint action agencies
  • renewable energy developers

Electric cooperatives are private, not-for-profit businesses. They are owned by their consumer-members, who elect governing board members and are required to return any excess revenue (above what is needed for
operating costs) to their members.

Public power or municipal utilities (also referred to as public power entities) are typically state or local government businesses that provide electricity to their customers.

Joint action agencies are membership organizations formed under state-specific statutes and regulations that develop transmission projects (like the Transmission Agency of Northern California), procure and supply wholesale power (like the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska) and a range of advocacy, operational, and business services for groups of local community-owned utilities, to shield individual members from various liabilities, and to leverage economies of scale.

Renewable energy developers are companies focused on generating energy from natural sources or
processes that are constantly replenished, such as solar and wind.