GridLiance West Completes Transmission Line Rebuild in Eldorado Valley

January 11, 2021GridLiance West, a subsidiary of GridLiance, recently finished rebuilding a 15-mile transmission line in Eldorado Valley in Nevada to help enhance service reliability for California Independent System Operator (CAISO) customers and increase energy exports from Nevada into California.

The 230-kilvolt transmission line rebuilt was built to lower grid congestion between the Sloan Canyon and Mead switching stations, located near Boulder City. Increasing the capacity of the transmission line will improve grid reliability and significantly reduce problems arising from excess electricity production. According to CAISO’s 2017-2018 Transmission Plan,  the new line is expected to save customers $180 million over its projected 40-year life.

The Sloan Canyon to Mead project was the first authorized by CAISO for energy flow out of the region.