Enables additional geothermal energy development

Phase I

Phase 1 adds transmission system capacity by upgrading existing transmission lines. This will enable approximately 2,600 MWs of new renewable generation to be built and placed in service.

Demand for the Phase 1 upgrades already exist. Currently, there are 3,100 MWs of active requests to interconnect to the GridLiance West system. Without upgrades to existing transmission lines to bring more renewable power onto the grid, these projects would not be cost-effective to develop.

Phase 2

Phase 2 connects GridLiance West’s transmission system in southwest Nevada to Bishop, California, enabling the development of a diverse mix of renewable energy generation to strengthen California’s resource adequacy.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratories has identified this area as a hotbed for geothermal energy development. The area also has significant potential for wind and solar/storage renewable energy development.

Geothermal and wind energy production in the evening could offset the reduction of solar energy and storage resources available at night. This would help mitigate the “duck curve” effect that California currently experiences because of its extensive solar buildout.

Phase 3 Concept

Phase 3 would increase transmission capacity between southern Nevada and California by connecting the upgrades to phases 1 and 2 and would enable California to access thousands of additional megawatts.